Palazzo Moro


Harper's Bazaar Arabia

10 April 2017

Threaded Beauty

...the legendary Venetian textile company has succeeded in a mesmerizing arrangement of fabrics. "A wide range of neutral shades reinforced by colours as intense as the light of Venice, with the new feature of whites with a touch of colour to add a tone of freshness and invent the 'new neutrals,'" says CEO Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli of the new collection. "We have developed all products in the 2017 collection in a dance of harmonies and balance: the style, materials and performance may differ, yet everything is closely linked by the harmony of colour."...

...An example of a contemporary setting within a historic Venetian building is the Palazzo Moro in Venice, currently on the market through Sotheby’s Realty. Dating back to the mid-15th century, the palazzo now comprises several apartments, with leading design houses such as Rubelli, Arc Linea and Venini, the renowned producer of Murano glass, involved in the styling and finish of the apartments. In such spaces Rubelli fabrics come to life through enrapturing colours made of the most meticulous silk threads. Their balance of traditional and modern design in such settings strikes a happy marriage between the past and present – a dialogue across time that preserves Venetian history and know-how...
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The Telegraph Luxury

9 October 2015

Living the Dream

...How do you reconcile the desire for the mod cons of the 21st century with the need to maintain the appearance of ancient buildings that are protected by stringent and Byzantine conservation regulations? The city might be sitting on water, but can you enjoy your rainfall power shower? In fact, it is possible to do both, as the 15th-century Palazzo Moro, which has just been redeveloped into luxury apartments, vividly demonstrates. Air conditioning, state-of-the-art bathrooms and high-speed Wi-Fi are discreetly installed to avoid any compromise of the building’s original Venetian architectural details, as well as soundproofing, security systems and customisable sound and lighting...
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